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What is Project Gem?

Founded in 2000, Project gem is a UK registered charity (No. 1090376) that uses arts activities as a means of engaging inner-city children within society. Project gem primarily works in the UK and Brazil.

In Brazil and the UK the problems encountered by young people are similar: experiences of drug abuse, petty crime, violence, teenage pregnancies and the breakdown of family life. Project gem provides ground-breaking education and training for young people and their families. These activities build confidence and skills for employment, they improve physical and mental health, and assist in developing community cohesion. In Brazil, Project gem also provides access to basic facilities such as IT equipment, health advice and learning materials.

Project gem in Brazil

Project gem began by using a Brazilian youth project, called Grupo de Capoeira Ginga e Malicia (GCGM), as its blue print. Founded and run by Mestre Marinheiro, GCGM has worked successfully with Capoeira in Salvador, Brazil, for more than 17 years. Project gem founded the construction of a dedicated school in Salvador, which caters for at least 300 students each year, and now provides a steady flow of funds and cultural exchanges.

Project gem in London

In 2000, Project gem teamed up with Simon Atkinson (Mestre Fantasma) of East London Capoeira (ELC) to offer free capoeira classes to young people.  In the last 10 years, the influence of capoeira in London has expanded beyond recognition but Project gem and Mestre Fantasma continue to pioneer London capoeira in youth projects.  Project gem and ELC share a vision of grass roots capoeira in London, where young people are encouraged to play capoeira with adults from all social backgrounds and nationalities.  This reflects the learning environment of the best capoeira groups in Brazil, which produce some of the most talented and inspiring capoeira players of this generation. We believe that the new projects started today in London, will produce some of the next generation’s finest capoeira players, capable of interacting with confidence in a unique and increasingly global community.


Kick yourself into fitness

Capoeira kicking course

Starting January 9th


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Kids Capoeira class

Thursday’s 5 – 6pm

5 – 6pm Haggerston Community Centre E8 4FF

£4 a class

Call 07779031273 for more info


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Dance Holiday – Cuba – Salsa Rumba

5 day intensive dance holiday in Cuba

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Havana Cuba Easter 2018 – Afro Cuban dance holiday

Intensive training in the Afro-Cuban dance styles yoruba Elegua, Ososhi, Bantu Palo, Makuta, Yuka, Rumba, Salsa, Son amongst them

Visits & Parties

dont miss this chance to visit Havana Cuba

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Urban Ritual March 6th June 2015

Urban Ritual – Open Capoeira roda in London

Free Entry

With Class/Roda/Dance

1st Saturday each month.

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Mestre Pastel – Workshop

26th July 2014   4-6pm £10

More info here

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“Capoeira reminds me who I am, and reminds me of my uniqueness and what I can do with it.”

ELC student

Life is a struggle? Life is a battle?
 The player sees that capoeira is teaching him to dance within and during this fight.

Nestor Capoeira

“It’s a group thing – we all learn off each other”

Musician, male, 38yrs

“Apart from a skill, it also lays down rules which benefits those taking part. It offers positive benefits through developing respect for others. It’s also great fun.”

Andrew Boff. Greater London Authority

“Capoeira is a riddle and there is no answer.”

Capoeira student

“I like capoeira because it is a full body workout, I feel strong. When I play I feel excited and motivated. I would tell anyone considering capoeira to join…its good.”

male 17 years old

“Entering into training or a roda, nothing else matters, everyone is equal and everyone shares the same experiences.”

East London Capoeira Student

Capoeira is treachery


Mestre Bimba