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classes for young people

Do you want to learn to spin on your head or back flip into a hand stand?  Are you interested in drumming? Capoeira is an exciting mix of music, dance, martial arts and Afro-Brazilian culture. Come and experience, at first hand, the original moves behind classic hip-hop and breakdance…

When and where?

Our capoeira classes take place in various schools, youth and community centres around London and the South East.  The classes are taught by Mestre Fantasma (Simon Atkinson) and his students. Through years of teaching, Mestre Fantasma has developed innovative teaching methods that inspire and motivate young people from all backgrounds.

Capoeira in schools and youth organisations

Project gem, a UK charity (No.1090376), and East London Capoeira (ELC) are experienced in delivering capoeira workshops, assemblies and regular classes in Primary and Secondary schools. Capoeira is both an excellent way to engage young people in physical activity and, owing to its Afro-Brazilian roots and slave origins, it is also a powerful tool to promote diversity and to raise cultural awareness.

Capoeira can help schools to deliver their curriculum requirements:

–    Cross-curriculum dimensions: Identity & cultural diversity, Healthy lifestyles, Community Participation, Global dimension and Creativity & critical thinking
–    Core curriculum links: Citizenship, PSHE, Music, Geography, PE, History , MFL

If you are interested in offering capoeira in your school or youth organisation, please contact us.

“The capoeira classes have been fantastic so far and the girls are responding really well.  The uptake has increased since the club started as the girls have told others how good the club is. Thanks for linking us up with this group, it has been great.” Sarah Maguire, PE teacher, Haggerston Girls School

Safeguarding young people

The safety and protection of young people is our top priority. We have a child protection policy which was developed in conjunction with the NSPCC. The policy is adhered to by all staff who are fully CRB checked. If you have any questions or concerns about a child’s safety, please contact us immediately. or

“Thank you very much for coming along and running the capoeira workshops at our Winter Games. I know very well that the young people were very impressed and excited about capoeira. Thank you so much for making the day such a huge success.” Wen Zheng, Sports Inspired, East London Director


one2one Everything Capoeira

Private lesson – everything Capoeira £20 a session
Summer park training Hackney
07779 031 273

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Winter Training Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday 7:00 – 8:45 Haggerston Park near Football courts – use Yorkton St, London E2 8NH entrance

Saturday Morning Music 10-11am

Sunday Morning 11am Confirm this before – 12:30 either Hackney Marshes, Haggerston Park, Shoreditch park depending on weather if new please call to check
INFO 07779031273

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Capoeira meeting 9,10,11 July

Contact 07779 031273 if your interested in sharing, learning and meeting capoeira people this weekend.
Masters, Contra mestres, students friends and guests full info @

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Capoeira Angola Park Training

Stonebridge Gardens Park next to Haggerston Station

Monday & Wednesday 6 – 7:30pm 
Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 2:30 
First Class FREE then
£10 a class or £40 a month

More Info 07779 031 273

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Jogando no Pé do Berimbau

Come and learn how to play on the floor, close to each other in the observastion phase.

Full info and online booking

Or Call 07779 031 273

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A modern vision of capoeira’s golden age

27th January 2019 come change your game for the better

On line payment and full info

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Life is a struggle? Life is a battle?
 The player sees that capoeira is teaching him to dance within and during this fight.

Nestor Capoeira

“It’s a group thing – we all learn off each other”

Musician, male, 38yrs

“I like capoeira because it is a full body workout, I feel strong. When I play I feel excited and motivated. I would tell anyone considering capoeira to join…its good.”

male 17 years old

“Entering into training or a roda, nothing else matters, everyone is equal and everyone shares the same experiences.”

East London Capoeira Student

Capoeira is treachery


Mestre Bimba

“Capoeira is a riddle and there is no answer.”

Capoeira student

“Capoeira reminds me who I am, and reminds me of my uniqueness and what I can do with it.”

ELC student

“Apart from a skill, it also lays down rules which benefits those taking part. It offers positive benefits through developing respect for others. It’s also great fun.”

Andrew Boff. Greater London Authority