Adult Capoeira classes

Regular classes
Monday 7-8:30pm & Wednesday 6-7:30pm
@The Crossing or the square @ 1 Granary Square London N1C 4AA
also – 11am @ Legacy Martial Arts London 403 Railway Arches, Cremer Street, London, E2 8HB

£10 a class

Info 07779 031273
one2one Capoeira & RhythmicRopeFlow by arrangement £40 an hour

I also teach at RhythmicRopeFlow @ The Acosta Dance Centre

Capoeira classes consist of the following:

  • Movement – physical training that develops the moves of capoeira Angola, Regional and some adaptations.
  • Music – learning claves (clapping sequences), percussion instruments berimbau, pandeiro atabaque, conga and others
  • Game strategy – understanding capoeira game orientation and developing strategic thinking, calmness under pressure, intuition and trickery.
  • Cultural understanding – we share knowledge and appreciation of capoeira’s history and Afro-Brazilian roots, developing an awareness of how capoeira has evolved and exists around the world today.

We use Capoeira to change lives.  We inspire, develop and guide individuals in capoeira activity leading them to discover their style and individual character.  What we achieve in the game play of Capoeira is transmitted into the real life by the trainee.  Feeling healthier, stronger, flexible and agile from capoeira training stimulates and motivates practitioners to pursue a better life.  To get results, you will need to focus and dedicate time and effort to obtain the outcome you are looking for.  Master Fantasma and UR Capoeira group have been producing good results with individuals from many varied backgrounds for over 25 years.

“I found capoeira as something where I could express myself totally as it combines my love of music, dance, acrobatics, combat and sense of play – and much more.” Designer, female, age 29

UR Capoeira is centred around traditional Brazilian capoeira teachings (it’s difficult to argue against the fact that today’s capoeira, played to music emerged in the Recôncavo Baiano).   Whatever level or place you are at our teachings are for you and we cater for all levels.  If you are already a capoeira practitioner we will help you develop insight and vision in the various ways to play.  If you are a complete beginner we will hold your hand and guide you until you are ready to stand and learn alone.

Go to About capoeira to find out more or please contact us if you have any questions.

“It is rare to get such insight into yourself, and sometimes it is difficult to accept certain aspects of what you find, but capoeira celebrates everybody’s strengths and weaknesses, which is a very liberating concept!” Doctor, female, 32


Urban Ritual Open Roda London

A monthly open Roda
19th May @ The Macbeth 70 Hoxton Street London N1 6LP
2 – 4:30pm
All welcome
Free – contribution welcome

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Visit Brazil Salvador Bahia & Reconcovo Baiano

A cultural study trip 4th – 20th March 2024
Want to Join ? Call 07779031273 for information

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Monday Capoeira class & Roda

Mondays we have a pair-work class studying timing, distance and application of moves.
The Crossing Kings cross – Anyone welcome
message 07779031273 for more info

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Special training under a tree UR Capoeira

This Sunday the 6th August @Stonebridge Gardens next to Haggerston Station – Mestre Fantasma with Jamaicano, Asterix & Lazaroni will deliver a themed training session on movement, song, musicality, game play, chamadas and trust.
1pm – 4pm lessons followed by a roda
Contact 07779031 273 for more information

Cost £20

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Jogando no Pé do Berimbau

Come and learn how to play on the floor, close to each other in the observastion phase.

Full info and online booking

Or Call 07779 031 273

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A modern vision of capoeira’s golden age

27th January 2019 come change your game for the better

On line payment and full info

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Life is a struggle? Life is a battle?
 The player sees that capoeira is teaching him to dance within and during this fight.

Nestor Capoeira

Capoeira is treachery


Mestre Bimba

“Apart from a skill, it also lays down rules which benefits those taking part. It offers positive benefits through developing respect for others. It’s also great fun.”

Andrew Boff. Greater London Authority

“Capoeira reminds me who I am, and reminds me of my uniqueness and what I can do with it.”

ELC student

“Entering into training or a roda, nothing else matters, everyone is equal and everyone shares the same experiences.”

East London Capoeira Student

“I like capoeira because it is a full body workout, I feel strong. When I play I feel excited and motivated. I would tell anyone considering capoeira to join…its good.”

male 17 years old

“Capoeira is a riddle and there is no answer.”

Capoeira student

“It’s a group thing – we all learn off each other”

Musician, male, 38yrs