Urban Ritual

What is Urban Ritual?

The simple answer is “an open roda da capoeira” as described below by Mestre Accordion in his book – Capoeira: History, Philosophy, and Practice.

“Open rodas must have many capoeiristas from different levels, plus guests from friendly and rival schools. This combination will create the natural tension needed for the development of strong and lively jogos. The formalities of a regular class should be avoided and despite the adherence to tradition and ritual, open rodas must allow spontaneity, creativity and the free spirit of capoeiristas.”

In the ’90’s and early 2000’s capoeira in London grew a lot and classes were popping up everywhere – Angola and contemporary mainly with only one or two regional.  Rodas were at the end of class or part of an event hosting a visiting master.  It occurred to me that if a roda took place in a mutual venue and wasn’t fixed to a regular group practice then the attendees “owned” the roda, although the host was responsible to greet guests and make everything function fluently as possible. This focus on roda, free of charge and open to all manages to tick the box described by master Accordion in his book.

In Rio-de-Janeiro I had witnessed, first hand, a number of teachers and masters that arranged monthly social events that centred around a lengthy roda.  It was an amazing exchange of capoeira play that only was possible in the arrangement that was being made between the leaders involved. And in 2006 we started doing a monthly roda called Urban Ritual in a suitable London pub!

An open roda is a completely different challenge, and in my opinion the reason why we would practice capoeira at all.  At these open rodas we have no idea who will come, who we will play and the balance is often not what we could have expected.  Attending open rodas helps us surpass ourselves and develop an open mind without expectations or ideas of right and wrong, replacing it with “different” and developing an ability to accept these differences.

It’s also a great time to talk about capoeira – papoeira – something I believe as an important element in the learning process.







Urban Ritual Open Roda London

A monthly open Roda
19th May @ The Macbeth 70 Hoxton Street London N1 6LP
2 – 4:30pm
All welcome
Free – contribution welcome

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Visit Brazil Salvador Bahia & Reconcovo Baiano

A cultural study trip 4th – 20th March 2024
Want to Join ? Call 07779031273 for information

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Monday Capoeira class & Roda

Mondays we have a pair-work class studying timing, distance and application of moves.
The Crossing Kings cross – Anyone welcome
message 07779031273 for more info

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Special training under a tree UR Capoeira

This Sunday the 6th August @Stonebridge Gardens next to Haggerston Station – Mestre Fantasma with Jamaicano, Asterix & Lazaroni will deliver a themed training session on movement, song, musicality, game play, chamadas and trust.
1pm – 4pm lessons followed by a roda
Contact 07779031 273 for more information

Cost £20

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Jogando no Pé do Berimbau

Come and learn how to play on the floor, close to each other in the observastion phase.

Full info and online booking

Or Call 07779 031 273

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A modern vision of capoeira’s golden age

27th January 2019 come change your game for the better

On line payment and full info

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“Entering into training or a roda, nothing else matters, everyone is equal and everyone shares the same experiences.”

East London Capoeira Student

Capoeira is treachery


Mestre Bimba

“Capoeira reminds me who I am, and reminds me of my uniqueness and what I can do with it.”

ELC student

“I like capoeira because it is a full body workout, I feel strong. When I play I feel excited and motivated. I would tell anyone considering capoeira to join…its good.”

male 17 years old

“Capoeira is a riddle and there is no answer.”

Capoeira student

“Apart from a skill, it also lays down rules which benefits those taking part. It offers positive benefits through developing respect for others. It’s also great fun.”

Andrew Boff. Greater London Authority

“It’s a group thing – we all learn off each other”

Musician, male, 38yrs

Life is a struggle? Life is a battle?
 The player sees that capoeira is teaching him to dance within and during this fight.

Nestor Capoeira